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So saying, he began pumping his mouth. Pombo react next time on anger, shouted: thou ungrateful things, really ungrateful supercilious look wolf! Bang when Pombo in the hands of the half-human, how much the big bronze plaque heavy raids the monastery stand on the ground, staring at them, so that several people suddenly stopped in her tracks. Fan Ye's face will look in the eyes of the crowd, unable to see the cited Liu Zhi succeed, they stopped Pombo, said: let him. At this time, has been aloof Liu Zhauthentic Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys i, handheld diamond treasure pestle came forward, and said: Ye Fan thing of the past even if, even though he has just wrong, they can not punish him for doing so is equal to the deprivation of his life. At this point, Liu recounts that were once far off Fan Ye and Pombo discourage female students, holding a broken bells came up and said: Ye Fan you do so overdone! Cough ...... Boom suddenlimited Buffalo Bills Jerseys ly, Li Changqing who uttered a muffled drum fish-like sound, a road blue light emitted, like a lightning in Chi dance. Light is not harsh, very hazy and soft, but it puts all of life from awe, as if a deity only standing there, that layer of the holy gods Guanghua true God like clothing, so Fan Ye seem world beyond. Pombo to bronze plaque top in each other's body, said: even four out classmate you are calculating, you have no hbuy Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys umanity? People around startled, feeling ears buzzing roar, and several even staggering, almost fell to the ground. At the same time, they are very surprised at the strength of the hand Fan Ye can not help but think of his school had never been seen in the shade field called barbarians nickname. But he felt that this seemingly peaceful relations hardly last long, and if we happen to survive the crisis, I am afraid the old classmate friendship withKansas City Chiefs Jerseys store face and so will be torn fragmented, because now some people's minds had already started restless . After all, we come from a place, and now should help each other and have something to say, let him first. Like the God of Thunder drums, humming vibration, then sent greater muffled sound, light purple, coiled, suddenly Li Changqing guard inside. Do not ...... Pombo outstretched big hands, grabbed the collar of the male students son wanted to throw him directly colored altarNew York Jets Jerseys sales , but at the moment this scene really made him angry, however. This is not right, Fan Ye, or will he let it, as it was too dangerous. Yes, ah, first let go. Bang Pombo tall and strong, strength is very large, bronze plaque waving from, that person will be shot on the spot turned to the ground.